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Gateball Sports Federation India founded by Dr. Sukhbir Gill in 2009, Kurukshetra, Haryana India. Gateball is a sport that was developed by Washin Suzuki in 1947, based on the sport "Croquet", a game that has a long history in Europe.


The Japan Gateball Union was established in 1984 (founding chairman, Ryoichi Sasakawa). In the following year, in response to a call from Japan, 5 Countries and 1 Region - China, South Korea, Brazil, the United States of America and Chinese Taipei - joined Japan to form the World Gateball Union (hereinafter "WGU").


Although Gateball is a game played between two teams, according to the rules, only one player ever plays at any time on the court during the game.



1. It is a game between two teams, each with 5 players.


2. The winner id decided by the total number of points achieved during the 30-minute game.


3. The leading team uses red balls (odd numbers) and the following team uses white balls (even numbers).


4.The members of the leading team and the following team take turns to stroke the ball in the right order, passing the ball through the three gates (Gate 1 to Gate 3) on the court, with the game finishing, that is "over" or "Agari" when the ball strokes the goal-pole.


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New South Wale - 30.08.2014 Australia Gateball Championship
26.9.2014 - Japan Nigata, Gateball Championship


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